Okay–I have a blog. I didn’t know I had one, but I found out that I do. So…I’m going to try to say something.

I think I am not alone today in feeling stunned, shocked, sad, lost, and above all fearful after what happened on Tuesday. When you throw into the mix the fact that I’m certifiably crazy, maybe you can get an idea of how hard this is. I have daughters, granddaughters, and an amazingly beautiful and smart little great-granddaughter, just over 2 years old. None of us saw this coming. None of us know what to expect next. I spent yesterday crying at just about everything I saw or heard. Today I’m just numb. I read the post Jenny Lawson wrote on her blog (thebloggess.com) and that helped. She makes craziness okay. Fun. Delightful. And real. It’s not really fun, but it is survivable. I think I’ve learned more from her than my doctors and therapists and yada, yada, yada. She doesn’t know me, but we have a lot in common.

I don’t know what I’m doing here. I read blogs, I don’t write in them, and I certainly don’t write in one of my own. If anyone has any suggestions of how to do this–would be appreciated. Is there a class in writing a blog? My cats would probably appreciate it if there is, so I stop pulling my hair out and making them move once they get comfortable right in front of my face so I can’t type until they move.

Before Tuesday, I was feeling so good, so confident, that I ordered 4 pairs of boots. They got here Tuesday. I didn’t need 4 pairs of boots, but they were cute and like I said–I was feeling really up. Still haven’t opened the box. May just return them. And I love boots. I’m rambling; I’m really good at rambling, something I’ve known for a very long time. I should probably shut up before I actually say something that makes sense. Happy Face-Happy Face everyone!!